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Bicycle Rider Takes out His Road Rage by Firing off Bottle Rockets at Other Commuters

When you head out to the roads, there’s really no telling what’s going happen out there and sometimes, drivers will have a better ability to handle what they come across than others. Those who aren’t able to really handle what’s put in front of them can get involved in some pretty intense road rage fits that can range in everything from a nice loud and therapeutic scream all the way up to a situation that can put you in danger for a reason that just seems too stupid to be true. In this one, this individual at the center of the action might have a good reason to be angry at other motorists but the way that he handles it is nothing short of crazy!

This time, we check in with might just be the most insane bout of road rage that we’ve seen to date as this individual really goes above and beyond, kicking into high gear to be able to show that he means business out there on the streets and you can’t really help but feel like this guy has lost his cool as he rides along on his bicycle, equipped with a sort of cannon that’s ready to launch bottle rockets. That’s right, when another individual on the road angers him, this guy really takes it to heart, loading a bottle rocket into his homemade launcher before lighting it up and firing away!

If you follow along with this one, you’ll be able to get the full scoop as this rider really takes upon himself to exact what might be the most intense fit of revenge that we have seen on the roads to date. I’m not sure what your definition of “road rage” is but to us, it looks like this guy might have just gone a tiny bit overboard. I get that, as a bicycle rider, you want to be able to safely travel but something like this is just completely bizarre.