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Bidders Can Buy the Last Ever Lamborghini Aventador With its Own 1/1 NFT

It seems like, no matter which way we look these days, we hear “metaverse” this and “NFT” that. While plenty of us still haven’t figured out what this terminology is all about, there are plenty of folks out there who are making a ton of money off of it. In fact, some might even tell you that NFTs are the next big thing in terms of investing.

One brand that is throwing its hat in the ring of the NFT is Lamborghini. In typical Lamborghini fashion, they are pulling out all of the stops to make sure that their version of an NFT is really something special as well.

This particular digital asset will be a one-of-one that will come as a part of a package deal with the last Lamborghini Aventador ever produced. As Lamborghini says, this will be the first-ever metaverse supercar created. If that ever ends up amounting to anything or not, we aren’t really sure. However, it would be pretty cool to say that you own something like this and are the only one who can hold that title.

Artist Krista Kim will create the visual assets that go with the NFT. Meanwhile, superstar DJ, Steve Aoki will provide the soundtrack that goes with the NFT.

At its core, the car itself is a typical Lamborghini Aventador… If a car like that can be typical. Under the hood, we find the Aventador’s 6.5 L V 12 that’s capable of 769 hp to all four wheels.

Appearance-wise, the car will have a bit of a special twist as it features a gradient fade paint mixing together two different exterior colors in Blue Nethuns and Nero Noctis.

Inside, we find another gradient finish that was inspired by Krista Kim’s Mars Metaverse. The orange embroidery really makes the seats pop.

With a standard Aventador bringing $500,000, those who know better say that we should be able to easily expect seven figures from the auction. If you’re one of the individuals who has seven figures to throw at something like this, the bidding will start online at RM Sotheby’s on April 19-21.