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Big Money: $1200 Turned $25K Rusty Old Sign

For those who are ready to put in some effort and learn, the world of undiscovered deals is genuinely astonishing. Arming oneself with ample knowledge becomes an essential part of this venture. In numerous opportunities, be wary of potential money pits to avoid investing unnecessary time and effort. Sometimes, the path to learning how to make money can be expensive but, if done right, entirely worth it.

Take, for example, the “Pawn Stars” television show, where equal parts of enticing deals and potential pitfalls unfold. Shop owners hunt opportunities, assess needed work, and estimate potential earnings in this premise-driven endeavor.

Certainly, like all reality shows, producers script some parts.

In a recent episode, a particularly exciting find for automotive history and vintage signage enthusiasts caught our attention. The spotlight was on a seemingly ordinary, rusted Gulf gas station sign. To the untrained eye, it may appear unremarkable, but for those in the know, it’s a lush gold mine. Complete with its original stand, this classic sign stood proudly outside its respective gas station years ago. While it might’ve lost some of its original luster, for those with discerning eyes, it’s still a captivating piece.

Upon initial inspection, some might question why Rick Harrison, the shop’s owner, was willing to invest over $1000 in what seemed like a rusty and dilapidated item. However, the sign held promise for restoration. After shelling out a few thousand dollars for the purchase, transportation, and refurbishment, Rick’s gamble paid off with a lucrative $25,000 sale.

The journey from the initial discovery to the finished product is documented in the video below which captures the transformation of the sign, incorporating a touch of neon to make it truly special.