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Car Explodes at Gas Station After Driver Lights Cigarette

I think that most of us are guilty, at one point or another, of becoming a little bit complacent in life from time to time. Sometimes, though, this complacency comes up at the exact wrong point in time creating quite a dangerous or otherwise unwanted situation.

This time, we check in with such a bout with complacency that ended up being incredibly dangerous and relatively explosive, to say the least.

Security camera footage shows a motorist pulling up to a gas pump and filling up his car with fuel. All seems to be going pretty routinely, that is, until the motorist hops back into his vehicle. Before pulling away, the individual decides to light up a cigarette within the safety of his car. This is where the situation quickly escalated to a boiling point. It seems as if fuel vapors at the gas station wafted inside of the vehicle, creating a combustible situation, indeed.

After the individual sparked up that cigarette, the fuel vapors within the car would quickly ignite, engulfing the car and sending it up into a ball of fire that would light up the night.

Gas station attendants quickly jumped to the rescue to attempt to fight the fire. The blaze was a quick one, being put out just moments later before it could spread and cause more damage.

The man inside of the car did suffered burns to his face and hands but was otherwise OK.

With a situation like this, it might seem like being inside of your car is a safe enough place to light up a cigarette. However, a video like this provides a stark and quite a visual reminder that maybe it’s a good idea to practice a little bit of overkill when it comes to keeping an exposed flame near a gas pump.