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Big Rig is Stuck, Real Live “Horsepower” Yanks it Through the Snow

Every once in a while, all of us need a helping hand to get by. It’s just the nature of the game that nobody or their machine is absolutely perfect and every once in a while, it could help to have another set of hands or perhaps a machine that’s bigger and able to get a certain job done better. However, this time, the helping hand comes from neither man nor machine as a couple of animals that are muscular enough to get the job done spring to the opportunity to rescue the truck that was originally pulling them around. It’s kind of ironic when you think about it but when you get down to the video, you’ll find that it’s absolutely fun to take a look at.

Normally, when something like a semi truck ends up getting stuck in the snow, it would be a whole ordeal. The driver would probably try a couple of tricks of the trade to attempt to gain traction but if none of that works, it would be pretty costly tow as another driver would have to come out with a pretty big wrecker, strapping up to the truck and flexing its muscles to pull the big rig out of harm’s way.

If you follow along here, though, in the video below, you’ll watch as a couple of horses get the job done, absolutely doing their best to yank this truck straight out of the slippery predicament that it has since wiggled its way into. It’s pretty amazing to watch in awe as such a heavy truck is yanked from the grip of the ice, with the job of removing it from the ditch being done with just two horses. I guess that, when it comes to horsepower, it doesn’t get much rawer than this!