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Big Wheel Donk Takes on Fox Body on the Track

I know these videos are polarizing for our audience, but I can’t deny how much I enjoy watching these big body cars on big wheels doing work on the drag strip. Make no mistake, I’m not particularly a fan of the Donk movement as a whole, but seeing these guys throwing a ton of horsepower under the hoods of these cruisers and hitting the drag strip and actually throwing down some great looking passes.

These cars utilize a host of power plants and power adders to make the awesome power that they make, which adds to the variety they already display with their over-the-top paint jobs, insane stereo systems and of course, the huge wheels that define the whole Donk movement. Something that always surprises me is how well these cars manage to hook so well on tires with such a thin sidewall. I assume there’s something in the physics of the huge, admittedly heavy wheels that keep the tires hooked up under power, but I don’t know the exact reason it works so well considering sidewall flex is a big part of how slicks and drag radials hook so well.

I don’t know what’s under the hood of this Monte Carlo, but it sounds like an LS with a big shot of nitrous and judging how quickly it rolls out, that seems like a likely combo. He lines up with a pretty healthy sounding fox body Mustang with some pretty good sized tires out back, and manages to not only take him out of the hole, but holds him off for the full 1/8th mile, taking the win despite running a car that looks like it should be quicker on the track.

This is just a glimpse into the big wheel movement that is taking the sport by storm, especially in the southeast, from Florida to the Carolinas and out to Texas. We’re gonna keep watching these guys and see how they progress.


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