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Big Chief’s Girlfriend Hops Behind the Wheel of “Caddy Jack”

Big Chief's Girlfriend Hops Behind the Wheel of "Caddy Jack"

If we know one thing about a gearhead, it’s that if they date another gearhead, it can prolong the health of the relationship. Having someone always nagging about how much time we spend in the garage could be a real crippler on a relationship. Therefore, in a perfect world, every gearhead would find their equal adrenaline blooded partner. When it comes to someone with the schedule of a Street Outlaw, it might be even more important. For most of us, cars are just a passion. For them, they’re not only passionate about them but need them to go fast to make a living.

If this clip is any indication, we would say that Big Chief has found his match in that arena. In this one, we check out the scene as Caddy Jack makes a couple of passes at Thunder Valley. The only difference between these passes and what we’re used to is that Chief’s girlfriend is behind the wheel of his monstrous Cadillac CTS-V.

This thing rolls out to a tune that’s really hard to deny. If the thunderous performance isn’t enough to win you over, the scream from the car really pushes this thing over the top. It helps out big time that Lady Chief seems to have her act together behind the wheel. Maybe she’ll even give Chief a run for his money one of these days!

To see Caddy Jack make magic happen, tune into the video below that takes us along for the ride. As usual, the crew over at National No Prep Racing Association puts us in the best seat in the house to watch this thing throw down! Just when everyone thought that The Crow was the only star of the show, Caddy Jack might’ve just stolen away a little bit of the limelight!