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Biker Turns Into Firefighter When he Spots House on Fire

There is really something to be said about people who stop what they’re doing to selflessly help out others. This is especially true when this person puts themselves in direct danger in order to help out another. With the sentiment, we need to be reminded to be thankful for the firefighters and other public servants who protect us every day.

This time, though, it isn’t a public servant who is attempting to put out ablaze. Instead, a guy was riding his motorcycle through his neighborhood when he discovered something crazy happening. As he made his way on his bike, the rider would discover a pretty substantial cloud of smoke coming up from someone’s backyard. He decided to keep it rolling closer to it to see what was going on.

As the motorcycle rider proceeded to get to the house, he noticed that the backyard was on fire. It turns out that the structure behind the house had gone up in flames. It even would spread to set the fence on fire as well. This would certainly provide a scary situation for everyone. However, the motorcycle rider decided to do his best to help.

As the homeowner seemed panicked, the rider immediately hopped into action. This included grabbing a hose and doing as much as he could to extinguish the blaze. He would even end up making his way into the backyard to do his best to turn the situation around or at least manage it until the firefighters could arrive.

The video below shows a heroic moment as the rider hopped into action. There aren’t too many civilians who would take it upon themselves to try and help out in a situation like this, especially if it meant getting that close to an active fire. We have to give this guy a bit “hats off” for his efforts to help out a neighbor.