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Bikers Come to 5 Year Old Bullied Girl’s Rescue!

When it comes to doing the right thing, a motorcycle club might not always be the first thought that comes to mind. However, the vast majority of bikers are genuinely good guys and gals who may look tough, but have huge, tender hearts.

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Despite their appearance and reputation, thanks in large part to their portrayal on television and in movies, motorcycle clubs work tirelessly for charities and other uplifting causes, such as protecting soldiers’ funerals from protesters and helping children who are the victims of bullying, as you can see in the news segment below.

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These bikers, all former military or police, are members of a club called The Punishers, which came to the rescue of a 5 year old who has been the victim of bullies, helping her find the confidence to stand up for herself from now on. Hopefully the visit from these bikers spiked her self confidence and will allow her to go to school without being bothered by the bullies.