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Man Gets Pulled Over For Doing 5 MPH Under the Speed Limit

In what has to be one of the biggest displays of idiocy we have ever seen, a man traveling at 65 mph in a 70 mph zone was pulled over. The video originally posted in February 2020 has found itself circulating again, likely due to the nature of the current political climate.

In the video, the motorist seems incredibly confused, as he probably should be. According to the officer, he was pulled over for nothing more than doing 65 mph in a 70 mph zone. During the stop, the man being pulled over, Ace Perry, decided to record the incident.

During the stop, the officer is sure to ask him where he works and lives, claiming it to be small talk. He also claims that it’s “suspicious” that somebody is traveling 5 mph under the speed limit. The officer that we know only as “Deputy Snow” even goes so far as to issue Perry a warning.

When Perry attempts to ask the officer about the warning, he’s only told that the writeup is for traveling under the speed limit. I’m no lawyer but I’m pretty sure that the speed limit is the maximum speed motorists are allowed to travel. Police officers can pull people over if they’re traveling too slowly and causing a danger to other motorists. I’m not sure that anyone in their right mind thinks that 5 mph under the limit falls into that category, though.

When Perry asks the officer about the warning, the officer proclaims to Perry “I’ve got stuff to do, have a good morning.” He would refuse to answer any further questions before taking off from the scene.

In the video’s description, we find that, according to WRAL, a spokesman for the Sampson County Sheriff’s Office said leaders there would review the in-car camera of the deputy involved. “Should personnel action be necessary, we will take appropriate action.”

There have been no updates on the situation as it is not believed that Perry filed a formal complaint.


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