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Blake Wilkey Attacks Havasu in 800hp Buggy + Supercharged Jet Boat Combo Like a Madman!

Sometimes, the need for adrenaline can be a bit overwhelming. It can be so overwhelming, in fact, that many of us feel the need to dump all of our time and money into going fast! Many of us have been there before. Perhaps a session in the garage that was supposed to last an hour goes all week. That original budget might’ve managed to creep up as well. Before we know it, we’re blasting around in our very own creation.

It just so happens that Blake Wilkey is no stranger to an adrenaline rush. You might remember him for going viral when he took a joyride through the streets in his dune buggy. This time, he’s back at it again and the action has added yet another element. We’re not just witnessing shredding on four wheels. Instead, Wilkey is taking on land and sea. There might even be a bit of air thrown in there as well.

It seems like no matter what situation this guy gets himself in, the answer is the same. Throttling down might just be the solution that we’re all missing. Blake certainly has that one figured out. It all starts with another buggy and a jet boat on a trailer. It’s not just a calm tow, though. Instead, we see the combo ripping through the desert. He even yanks the front wheels up in an epic display while towing the trailer!

Afterward, the boat gets dropped in the water and it only gets better from there! It’s bound to be a good one if said boat has a roll cage in. After watching the way that he throws down in this thing, it’s clear why that extra layer of protection is there. Strap in and grab some popcorn because this one is about to get good!

Blake Wilkey's Havasu Assault (full video)

Wilkey's Lake Havasu Assault is LIVE! He's back in hot water, and this time he's brought his Wilkey Works 800hp monster Baja bug and the supercharged death boat to the water for the first time! Nothings stopping him now from ripping up the shorelines, and shredding shrubs! #Blakewilkey #Shreddylyfe #Lakehavasu #Leahpritchett

Posted by Speed Society on Monday, July 8, 2019

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