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Blown Race Car Does NASTY Burnout In Garage

A lot of times, you’ll find people who are looking for an absolute purpose in everything. You really have to look at people and wonder when they say that burnouts don’t serve any purpose except for wasting tires and nobody should ever do them unless it’s a drag racing situation. Well, sure, if you feel that way about your own tires, then more power to you but don’t go and tell this guy that he shouldn’t be shredding some rubber because we are darn sure that he’s having a great time doing it and the result was pretty awesome to watch, if you ask us.

Now, this isn’t necessarily just any burnout display because what fun would that be? I mean, there are hundreds if not thousands of videos circulating around the internet showing off cars that are destroying rubber. Instead, this driver takes a couple of unique factors and combines them into one in order to have what might just be the ultimate burnout experience as it’s brought to you on video. This clip does as much as it can do to absolutely sent a chill down your spine. I think I can speak for a pretty wide array of people when I say “mission accomplished.”

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to check out a blown racing machine that absolutely screams as it obliterates some tires in a matter of just seconds. The plot twist here is that this machine isn’t doing a burnout on the track but instead, decides to do some tire shredding inside of a garage! As if this wasn’t one you wanted to lay your eyes on already, that one little plot twist is thrown in and it really makes it all that much better. We wouldn’t recommend trying this one at home but this video is one for the ages.

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