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Nasty blown truck named freight train gets de-railed

When you head down the track in a drag race,  you would ideally like the car to perform like it’s on rail, heading straight down the surface without any kind of wobbles.

While most of the time, it’s smooth sailing, sometimes, there are situations that happen where the ride in question might just get a little bit sideways.

This time, we catch up with a nasty blown truck that goes by the name of “Freight Train” as the driver tries his luck on the strip and ends up having to pucker big time.

It’s an intense situation as the truck goes sideways, heading straight for the wall and leaving the driver to have to react quickly to save his ride from sheer destruction.

Check out the video below as some cat like reflexes saved the truck from blasting its way into the wall. It looks like the driver got away with just the wheelie bar touching up against the concrete barrier.

Talk about a close one!