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Jesse James to Return With NEW Monster Garage Episodes in 2020

Some might argue that Jesse James had been the epitome of reality television back in the early 2000s. When Monster Garage made its debut, the show was a breath of fresh air. James took normal automobiles and transformed them into off-beat machines. This wasn’t our typical restoration show.

Making a Return

News has been circulating that the show will eventually make its way back to the air. Recently, it has been confirmed that it will hit the Discovery Channel once again this year. Sometimes, these sorts of rumors circulate forever and never really gain traction. However, after a short 14-year break, we will finally have more Monster Garage!

They haven’t dropped an exact date just yet but it should happen later this year.

James has been all over the place since the show last ended. We should take notes in his willingness to try a bit of everything. From making guns to wrenching on motorcycles, Jesse has seemed to become the craftsman of all craftsmen. It’ll be interesting to see how his newly acquired talents and experiences play into his new builds. Who knows what kind of monsters he has been dreaming up since the last time we saw the show?

What’s New on the Revamped Show?

Discovery informs us, that alongside a “renewed passion,” James will have “An upgraded garage” and “Cutting-edge technology.”

The revamped version of the series will provide a fresh take on a familiar concept. Just like with the original Monster Garage, we will watch regular vehicles transform into something unconventionally functional. The entire goal is to watch creativity and obscure vision come to life. Working with James, we’re promised “Some of the most talented craftsmen and women in the country.”


It’s been a while since James has shown off his automotive talents on such a big stage. He hasn’t necessarily gone away but being one of the biggest reality stars of an era is a hard act to follow.

Hopefully, we will get that same rush watching his new creations come to life.

Jesse James is back, and he has some unfinished business. Watch Jesse announce his big return to Monster Garage.