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BMW 1000RR vs Toyota Supra On The Highway

In the world of motorcycles, just a few years ago in 2012, the BMW 1000RR was the world’s fastest production bike to hit the streets, or so this YouTube uploader tells us.

With all that power in such a small package, that would make this bike one competitor that’s hard to get around. You’d need tons of muscle to make a heavy car keep up with such a nimble package.

This is where a nitrous infused Toyota Supra comes into play and makes things interesting when these two head out to an empty highway to go to war.

At first, the Supra isn’t spraying and gets walked by the BMW, but when the nitrous gets turned on, it’s game on as these two starkly different applications go at it.

Check out the video below that puts car and bike to the test against one another and tell us what you think of this super matchup.