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Built BMW 135i Smashes Hard Into The Wall After Engine Lets Loose

Sometimes, things just don’t work out and an engine lets go. The racetrack has a way of keeping people and their machines honest as they push it just a little bit past that barrier.

This time, it’s a BMW that’s taking on Thunder Valley Raceway and the result wasn’t pretty. As the BMW 135i would make its way toward the big end of the track, it would disappear in a cloud of smoke. Once we see smoke like that, it’s hard to keep our stomachs from dropping. On the other end of the engine letting loose, the driver wouldn’t be so lucky as to keep the car out of the wall.

It almost impossible not to cringe as this luxury performance machine gets sideways. It seems to be out of reach for the driver to save the situation as the car careens into the wall, making solid contact with the immovable concrete mass before doing some damage as all of that inertia is slowed by the wall. There probably wasn’t much that the pilot could do here, either. Once a car is moving at that rate of speed, it can be incredibly hard to make a recovery.

After watching the video below, it’s hard not to cringe at the sight. It’s really a shame to watch someone’s pride and joy go down like that but at the end of the day, it’s the risk you run when you head out to the race track. Most, fortunately, the driver wasn’t injured. When looking at the situation, it certainly isn’t how many want to end a day. Looking at the bright side, though, this one could have been a whole lot worse. In the scheme of things, we might even argue that the driver here got lucky that the car didn’t get completely sideways when the engine scattered oil all over the track.