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BMW M3 RC Car on a Treadmill… RC Car Dyno?

When you get tied up in hours of wrenching and paying for things to build your perfect car, sometimes you need to take a break. Even though putting together your ride is your sanctuary, even turning wrenches on your dream car can get a little bit frustrating sometimes.

What better way to take a break than by breaking out the remote control cars like the one that we see here? Unlike other traditional setups, the person behind this remote controlled BMW M3 gets a little bit creative, concocting a challenge that would put the car against a treadmill in a battle of willpower!

As the treadmill gets turned up, it gets more difficult for this car to stay on the “RC dyno” of sorts which really makes for an interesting display. Check out the video below that shows off this unique use of a treadmill that was probably just sitting around providing a place for you to hang your clothes anyway. Let’s be honest here.