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Boat Sinks Half Way In Rough Inlet, Driver Makes Miraculous Recovery

Just when you thought that fishing was always about having a relaxing day out on the water, out comes a video that will prove you wrong and show you that every once in a while, things get a little bit sticky, even in the world fishing. Even for a non-commercial fishermen, sometimes, rough seas can really be a problem and this time, we check out a small vessel that heads back in through the Jupiter Inlet, during the process of which, the boater ends up hitting some pretty rough seas. However, it looks like the captain is going to take it head on. I mean, you have to get home somehow but the rough water almost makes him wish he didn’t.

It appears as if, somebody standing safely on shore nearby decided to pull out their phone and get to filming as the center console battles with the harsh seas, rising up on the swells and banging down hard. It might look like the boat is doing a pretty good job of slicing through that water but we can almost guarantee you that it’s a rough ride for everybody on board. Before long, though, it appears as if a mix of the tide and the direction of the waves starts to suck the boat down toward the bottom of the ocean without any notice!

While the person behind the controls did manage to put his skills to the test and maneuver his way out of the tight spot, it looks like mother nature wasn’t going to make it easy on this vessel as it made its journey through the inlet. It looks like the captain of this boat had it all under control and was able to handle the rough conditions well. Thankfully, there wasn’t a novice tied up in this situation because it could’ve ended badly!


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