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Boats Take on Nasty Inlet Conditions in Boca Raton

As we move toward the end of summer, we have learned to appreciate a couple of things. Over the past couple of months, we think that we have found one of those things in something that’s going to be an integral part of every summer moving forward. Heck, granted that Florida is practically perpetual summer all year round, maybe this can even be a guilty pleasure in the winter.

For those who haven’t picked up on the context yet, we’re talking, of course, about inlet videos. In the raging waters of different inlets around the world, we find some pretty tumultuous situations. Boaters end up fighting strong currents and large waves to make it from a smaller body of water out into the ocean. Sometimes, it’s nice and easy as the vessels are bigger. Other times, things get a little bit more interesting, though, as individuals try and take on the choppy waves with boats that are way too small. As we see in this video, sometimes, these small boats are way too overloaded as well.

This time, we had to Boca Raton, Florida, to check out the Boca Raton Inlet that is definitely not letting boaters off easily. On the particular day that this one was filmed, the waters were downright nasty. In a situation like this, it usually takes a smart boater to be able to make it through. A little bit of talent and common sense will help out in these situations as well. As we see in this video, though, there are some individuals here that are definitely lacking on at least one of those fronts.

By following along with the Wavy Boats video below, we get to see those rough waters take on these unsuspecting boats. At the end of the day, this is a situation that a boater is going to want to make it through in a hurry. Hanging around in an inlet like this for too long of a period of time is a good way to end up going under.

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