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Bob Lazar Former Area 51 Employee Tells us How He Converted His Corvette to Run on Hydrogen

We have heard a lot of stories about there being potential fuel replacements for internal combustion engine-powered vehicles for years. These stories range from far-fetched to conspiracy and not too many people have been able to really pin down how it might happen. However, now that the landscape over the horizon seems to insist that gasoline-powered vehicles might be falling by the wayside, perhaps there will be more attention invested in these alternative fuel sources for our internal combustion-powered vehicles.

This time, we check in with a video from Hydrogen Societies who caught up with former Area 51 employee, Bob Lazar. In this video, they take the opportunity to discuss how exactly Bob has converted his Chevrolet Corvette to run on hydrogen.

In the past, this might’ve seemed like a wild idea but now that it’s kind of becoming a reality as hydrogen-fueled vehicles are a very real thing.

At some point in time, car enthusiasts who prefer the grumble of an engine are going to have to be ready to have an alternate solution to gasoline. It’s not very clear that fuel producers are going to continue to be able to keep gas stations open if the number of gasoline-powered cars shrinks. Hydrogen, on the other hand, should be much more readily available. Therefore, if you can power your favorite car with it then it’s something worth at least looking into!

Down in the video below, we learn all about how hydrogen-powered vehicles might be a bit closer than you’d think. Basically, after separating hydrogen and oxygen, hydrogen can then be burnt which can create power in the very car that’s in your driveway right now. I’m definitely not a scientist but after listening to Lazar a little bit more closely, we will let you decide for yourself if something like this seems like a viable option in the future of motoring.