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Boddie Jr Goes For Wild Ride In Procharged Camaro

When going down the drag strip, it’s hard to really predict the future and know what’s going to happen. No racer ever predicts a crash. However, time and time again, we see this sort of situation unfold in between the concrete walls.

Sometimes, equipment is pushed too far, other times, driver error is involved, but there is a third situation type that’s out of everybody’s control entirely. Sometimes, freak accidents unfold on the track that escalates to a situation that nobody wants to be a part of. That’s exactly what we see here.

In this one, we head to the scene of the Street Car Super Nationals 16. At the event, Boddie Jr. would make his way down the track in his Chevrolet Camaro. Everything seemed to be going as according to plan as it was. In fact, he made a complete pass before anything strange began to happen.

However, once the car made its way through the top end of the track and lit the scoreboards, everything will begin to go awry in a hurry. When Boddie yanked on the parachute to slow the car down, the snowball would start to grow.

With cars like these, a parachute deploying to slow the vehicle is very important. In this particular situation, though, only one of the parachutes deployed. While some might be thinking that this means that the car will still slow down but with half the stopping power, think again. Instead, the car would slow down disproportionately, slowing one side more than the other. With this, the incredible machine would end up going sideways and have its driver looking straight at the wall.

Following the incident, Boddie chalked it up to being nothing more than a fender bender. He says that the two things that were crossing his mind once he started sliding were “Don’t catch on fire” and “Don’t roll over.” When you put it like that, it looks like he got off easy here given how this all could have gone when the car went sideways.