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Reviewing A 1971 Big Block Cuda

Sometimes, when we look at old school muscle cars, it’s through very rose-colored glasses. The era seems to encapsulate so much that we value as a car community. While some pick and choose their favorite models, it seems like the way that car culture was in the 70s is something that we all nostalgically look back on, even if we weren’t a part of the scene at that time.

In fact, for those who are into American cars, most probably attest that they wouldn’t mind adding an old-school piece of American muscle to the collection. However, let’s just say that sometimes, reality might not exactly be the same as we think it is. Until someone truly gets behind the wheel of a car like this, it’s downright impossible to know what it’s like to own or drive one. After all, something that’s quickly approaching 50 years of age is sure to be a whole different animal than any car that rolls off of the assembly line today.

This time, we get an up close and personal view of a 1971 Plymouth Cuda powered by 440 cubic inches of V8 power. At the time, it was revolutionary but today, let’s just say that that’s a lot of cubic inches for the amount of power that it’s sure to make. However, we aren’t here to try to tear cars like this limb from limb. They are very much still have upside and appeal. After all, there’s a reason why they bring so much money to this day.

In this one, though, we get a very honest review from Regular Car Reviews. With the channel’s dry shtick, we approach an American icon to see exactly what it’s really like to get behind the wheel of a machine like this and how it holds up in an era that’s unrecognizable compared to the muscle of old.

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