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Bondurant School Of Driving Closes Down Following Bankruptcy

If you’ve been lingering around the automotive community at any time for the past 50 years, there’s a good chance that you’ve caught wind of the Bondurant School of High-Performance Driving. For more than five decades, the school has offered its services for individuals who had been looking to up their game behind the wheel and they’ve been able to do so in some of the most premiere cars that the automotive industry has had to offer, an exciting opportunity for anyone who has ever felt the need for speed.

However, unfortunately, it appears that financial woes have decided that the fate of the school that is to continue no longer. After filing for bankruptcy, the Bondurant School of Driving has officially announced that it will be closing its doors after filing for Chapter 11 just over a month ago.

There has yet to be official word on why the school decided to close its doors this month, but we would be left to assume that this statement is one that is soon to come. It’s a bit of a drastic turn after the company announced in October that it “Will continue operating and serving our students and corporate groups as usual while we develop new business relationships to ensure the vitality of the company in the future.”

As Bondurant describes it themselves “Since 1968, we’ve been the premier driver-training destination for everyone from racing professionals to daily commuters who want to become more proficient behind the wheel. Everyone who walks through our doors is taught the Bondurant Method – Bob’s proven training technique that allows us to peel back your driving habits, and build you into a more confident, capable driver. You won’t just learn – you’ll have more fun than you thought possible on four wheels!”


No matter if you were ever a part of the school or not, it’s sad to have to break this news as it’s definitely a hit to the automotive community as we would consider the Bondurant family to be a major asset to our way of life. We here at Speed Society wish them all the best in their future endeavors.