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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Talks Speeding Tickets And Classic Cars With Joe Rogan

Sure, on the track, NASCAR drivers are dialed into their machines, ready to take every turn and all of the competition with the most focus that they possibly can as they completely dedicate themselves to the task at hand. However, it really makes you, as an, wonder if they’re like this off of the track with their machines. Do NASCAR drivers get really involved in the car world or do they just leave it all on the racetrack and go home for the off-season, taking part in other hobbies when they manage to find a little bit of time to dedicate to themselves?

To us, in many situations, it seems like it’s kind of hard to separate your personal life from your profession, at least when it comes to racing, as most of these guys are in the car world from top to bottom and when he went on Joe Rogan’s podcast, we got a little bit of insight as to how Dale Earnhardt Jr. is exactly the same way as he definitely enjoys a good ride off of the track as much as he does on the track, well, before he retired, anyway! He even has a couple of cool cars that a lot of people would be proud to add to their collection.

The video below takes us to a clip from the podcast as these guys chat it up a little bit about how driving on the track might translate to actions off of the track and what kind of rides Junio has in his very own personal collection. After hearing about this one, you might view Dale Earnhardt Jr. in a little bit different of a light. After all, it seems like you could tell a little bit about somebody when you hear about what kind of cars are in their stable.

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