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Boomers React to Honda Swapped FWD ’65 Mustang (Hidden Camera Car Show)

For as awesome as the automotive community can be, there are definitely some among us who can get testy for just about any reason.

This is especially prevalent when somebody thinks outside the box and does things differently. Let’s just say that in certain situations, the purists really come to life, attempting to exile just about anybody who goes against their beliefs. It seems like this way of thinking has become a bit less popular in recent years but will probably hang around in some form or fashion forever.

If you want to talk about a way to really get under the skin of some purists, take something like a Honda-powered 1965 Ford Mustang to one of the biggest Mustang shows in the world.

For YouTube creator, TOM’S REFURB, that’s precisely what he did. Of course, as we mentioned, the target this time was to see how boomers would react to a project that took the guts out of the Mustang and replaced them with something completely different.

The build, for reference, has the body of a 1965 Mustang. However, from there, just about everything else appears to have been abandoned from the original car. We would probably wager that the car started as a rolling chassis without a functioning drivetrain anyway. In place of what was once there, though, we find a turbocharged Honda engine along with the chassis from a 1996 Honda Civic. Long story short, while this Mustang looks typical on the outside, under the hood, enthusiasts attending the show found quite a surprise.

Damn in the video below, we get the reactions from the Mustang show to the build that goes by the name of “Masutangu.” It seems as if the reactions range in everything from two thumbs up to “they shouldn’t have allowed that thing in here.” We actually ran into a bit of a head-scratcher as certain passersby took it upon themselves to get angry that such an idea would even dare come to life.

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