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Boosted GT New Mustang First Test Hit on No Prep Track

YouTuber tomeighty loaded up his camera and made the trip to Tulsa Raceway Park to film the season finale of Street Outlaws new spinoff series, No Prep Kings. While he was there, he was in just the right spot to catch Boosted GT’s new car in action, at least what few moments it was up and running.

For those who don’t know, Boosted has quietly been assembling a new car, this one an S-197 body style. I thought I read that the car had originally been intended for big tire use against the likes of Big Chief and Murder Nova, but somewhere along the way it seems the plan changed, with the car rolling out to make its debut on small tires. That could be a temporary decision or Boosted may have changed course with the direction he decided to take the build. Either way, the car looks absolutely amazing, wearing a fresh coat of orange paint and riding on black wheels that really make the color pop.

I have no information about the powerplant, but knowing Boosted, it’s fairly safe to assume there’s a small block Ford engine under the hood being force-fed air by a nice sized turbocharger. Other than that, I have no useful info about the car, because Boosted did a pretty good job of keeping this build off the radar. He rolls up through staging and into the burnout box at Tulsa Raceway Park, where he lays down a beautiful, smoky burnout.

However, the fun ends there as it seems something in the car’s driveline broke on the burnout, leaving him basically dead in his lane. Boosted’s longtime girlfriend Kayla comes out to see what’s going on, then summons more help to push the car back off the track. New car bugs are certainly a thing on almost every project, and that’s most likely all this was, so look for Boosted to have this car back on the track again in no time.