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The Couple Showdown! Did He Let Her Win? Boosted GT vs Kayla Morton at Bounty Hunters 2

We all knew this day would come, but the outcome maybe have gone a little differently than expected.

Long time no-prep and street racer Boosted GT lined up with his girlfriend Kayla in her supercharged tube chassis Mustang to settle the Battle of the Sexes. On paper, this should have easily gone Kayla’s way, as her car is lighter and runs on bigger tires, and probably makes more power than Boosted’s turbocharged small tire GT. However, races aren’t ran on paper, they’re ran on the track, and this time, Boosted took the win when Kayla got out of shape and had to shut down early in the run.

Something tells us Miss Kayla will not take this lightly and is already planning a chance to exact her revenge and show that she wears the pants in the family! Next time they line up, our money’s on Kayla!


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