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Boosted Mustang Gender Reveal With Give You All The Smiles!

Gender reveals have gone from something you really never even heard about to a viral sensation that you see almost every day now. While there have been countless ways used to let the world know if there’s a boy or girl on the way, our favorites are the ones that involve cars, and there are plenty of those as well.

While there have been a couple of videos that took wrong turns – thankfully nothing too serious though – most of them are really cool and and they tend to get great response online. This one got so much attention that Fox News shared it, a definite indicator that it’s really made waves. Using a gnarly sounding boosted Mustang, this couple used a huge smoky burnout to lay down a huge pink cloud, letting the world know they have a baby girl on the way.

This car looks and sounds like a serious hotrod, we would like to know more about it if anybody out there knows the owner. The video doesn’t say if the car belongs to the couple of if it’s a friend who brought it out to help with the reveal. The car is running some pretty good sized tires on the back to be on the street, and has the exhaust exiting in front of the front tire, both indicators that the car has some serious power. If the visual cues weren’t enough, the car sounds purely amazing as the driver mats the throttle and sends the rear tires into a massive cloud of smoke, with a pink tint added for the gender reveal.

We need you guys to keep these things coming It’s going to be hard to top this one, but we have a feeling somebody out there can come up with an even more over-the-top way to announce to the world that they’re expecting a little boy or girl.