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Watch Big Chief And Crew Take The Crow From Small Tire To Big Tire At PRI

One of the biggest events in all of motorsports is the annual Performance Racing Industry show in Indianapolis. The show brings literally hundreds of vendors and manufacturers together in one venue, where they meet with thousands of racers, fabricators, members of the media and other enthusiasts looking to find out about the latest and greatest things coming from the industry for the upcoming season.

PRI is also a great place to discuss sponsorship proposals for the year, and there are several demonstrations and seminars to share new and innovative technology with those who wish to attend. This year, Big Chief and the Midwest Street Cars crew decided to take an opportunity to show the fans what goes into something that most would assume is a quick and relatively painless process. The Crow showed up to PRI with small tires still bolted up from the Small Tire Cash Days we saw a couple of weeks back. They also brought a set of big tires and decided to swap them out during the show. With a car like the Crow, this isn’t as simple as unbolting the wheels and swapping them out. The difference in tire height necessitates a gear swap, and the width means the axles have to be swapped to keep the tires where they need to be under the rear of the car.

While Chief and Shawn signed autographs and cut up with the fans, Monkey dove under the car with a bag of tools to get the process underway. The whole thing was live streamed on Facebook. The video comes to an end with everything in place to bolt up the big tires, with all of the other components having been swapped out and Chief and Shawn joining Monkey under the car for moral support, although Chief does help with the turning of the wrenches along the way.

This is a great look at how things work under the Crow, something we don’t get to see often at all.