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Boston Dynamics Shocks Us Again, Upright Walking Robot Does Backflip

If you’ve been poking somewhere on the Internet and seen a display of viral robotics, one of those videos that shows off an insane robot that’s able to function in ways that truly mimic living and breathing life, it might have come from a little company called Boston Dynamics. You see, when it comes to mimicking living creatures, it just so happens that this company has proven to be pretty impressive at bringing such machines to life and this time, they have definitely come through yet again, continuing to impress, as we have gotten pretty used to from the company.

This time, we check out get another display from their upright walking robot that goes by the name of “Atlas.” We saw this human wannabe making its rounds on the web before, it was simply walking, reacting to different obstacles in a forest landscape and different patches of varied terrain which would allow it to interact with its surroundings as if it were an intelligent beings, using all kinds of different perception to be able to pick up on what was going on around it, an impressive feat in and of itself. As if that weren’t impressive enough, this time, we see the robot go to an all-new length to prove that it can act just like a human being in other ways.

Instead of simply walking in rough terrain, it really appears as if they have taken things to new level, making Atlas do a backflip under its own power and free of any sort of harness or support. When you break this down and really begin to think about it, it’s a lot more than a motion. What a human pulls off such a maneuver like this robot has learned to do, it’s not only about being able to rotate in the air but also brings into account balance, another natural instinct that is hard to teach. Follow along in the video down below that shows you exactly what this robot is capable of up to this point in time that could potentially spiral your thoughts into what this thing could be capable of if it keeps on improving at the speed that it already has been!