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Salinas Follows Through, Buys Entire Team Harley-Davidsons For NHRA Win

He Bought His Entire Team Harley-Davidson's For Winning Their First NHRA Top Fuel Race

When it comes to really accomplishing those big-picture goals, sure, one person might have to be the one to keep everything on track. It takes a motivated individual to make sure that factors align in just the right way to make a vision come true. However, I think that most people who have accomplished big things in life realize that when it comes to really chasing down goals, it’s difficult to accomplish them without a good support system. When someone is out there grinding and really putting in the work, that can be something that’s easy to forget. With a video like this, hopefully, we remember those who are pushing for us.

In this one, we follow along with Top Fuel racer, Mike Salinas as he is on the heels of a major accomplishment, winning a Wally. This is the award that a team gets for winning an NHRA race. Now, in order to show those around him who have shown their support that he appreciates them, Mike has decided to go all out and buy his entire team a bunch of motorcycles. Not only does he say that it’s a way to reward them but also that it should help them to bond. He hopes to get the whole team out on two wheels together.

By following along with the video below, we check out the story that has Salinas giving back to the team a bit. There is a lot of work to go around and sometimes, those who invest heavily might be forgotten. It seems like Mike is determined to make sure that doesn’t happen, especially after winning big.

This is definitely something that we should all incorporate into our way of thinking in some capacity, even if it’s not through a gift as grand as this.