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Boys Will Be Boys! Pre-Runner Nearly Runs Dirtbike Off The Road Then Taps His Buddy’s Bumper!

There’s nothing like hitting the road with your buddies for a little goofing off on the open road, especially when you’re driving some fully-customized Prerunners and have another friend on his dirt bike with a GoPro to capture all the action from a third person perspective.

While this particular trip was just a run to the convenience store to fuel up, these guys still decided to have a little fun on the way in their fully-built Ford Ranger Prerunners (Yes, I had to do a triple-take too, those do not look like Rangers at first look, but they are) while the owner of the AlphaTube YouTube channel follows on his dirt bike. This trio us obviously build for the dunes and desert, but there are no gas stations out there so they had to take the paved road to fill up.

The guy in the trailing Ranger – which just happens to be powered by a 6.0 liter V8 according to the video’s description – decides to catch up with the leading Ranger, so he pulls in to the passing lane and rolls into the throttle, passing a big rig and closing in fast on his buddy. With nothing between them but air and opportunity, the guys decides to give his compadre a little bumper-to-bumper love tap, closing all of the space between them and just kissing the other truck’s rear bumper before dropping back to a more reasonable follow distance.

If you’re reading this and you’ve never at least thought about giving somebody else a little tap in traffic, you’re either lying or you need to have a little more adventurous imagination, because I know after the first time I saw a chase on some TV show or action movie, I wanted to see what it was like to pull up on somebody and at least just tap their bumper, if not hit ‘em with a full on PIT maneuver like the police use to stop fleeing criminals. Just one time, I think I’m going to go with a buddy and buy a couple of junkers and just go hit the backroads here at home and play bumper cars!