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Jeff Sitton Gets Dyno Tuned Ahead Of Lights Out 10

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What do you do after going to Florida and lowering the record for a blown car on drag radials at the US Street Nationals? You take the car and put it on the dyno to further dial in the tune, obviously!

FuelTech has established itself as a leader in the field of engine management and data recording. With their compact, but feature-packed FT-series of products, FuelTech has become the go-to for teams looking to combine fuel management, spark and timing control, and on-board monitoring of just about everything. By combining all of these systems into one small, intuitive dashboard, the FT series makes things easier on the driver, tuner and car builders in the final stages of assembly.

In the off-season, Jeff Sitton quietly left Killin’ Time Racing and formed the PJS Racing team with tuner Brandon Pesz and Jones Racing Enterprises, and quickly set the radial world on notice that they weren’t coming to play for second place. Sitton took the blown radial record from his former tuner Steve Jackson at Orlando with a 3.64 elapsed time, pulling within two hundredths of second of Mark Micke’s overall radial world record set at last year’s Sweet Sixteen at South Georgia Motorsports Park.

With a couple of weeks between the US Street Nats and Lights Out 10, the team made the short trip up to FuelTech to put the car on FT’s dyno and see where they could refine the tune. As you can see in this video from FuelTech, a blower car on the dyno is something truly insane, especially when the car makes the equivalent of an 1/8th mile run at wide open throttle, gear shifts and all, right there in the shop! There are no huge horsepower numbers to be shared, but that’s not what this session was all about, instead the team focused on finding areas where the tune could be cleaned up to run smoother and bring out a little more power under the curve to lay down even stronger runs.

Just sit back and watch, and if you have good speakers or headphones, crank them up and listen to the pure supercharged badassness. If you like it, share it with your friends, I’d be willing to bet they like it too!