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Breakdown Of Tesla’s Autopilot System Attempts to See If It’s Worth $5,000 Asking Price

As automakers continue to improve upon their products every day, the line of features that are offered up trend get rather deep. It definitely sounds like an easy problem to have as figuring out how to spend our money certainly isn’t something that most of the world mind grappling with when in the context of buying a new car. However, with that said, for those who are looking to option out a new car for themselves, it can be pretty confusing as to if certain features should be added or left behind. After all, For most of us, our money is hard earned and we don’t want to go throwing it away, especially with a feature that can cost $5,000.

For those who haven’t picked up on it to this point, we’re talking, of course, about the autopilot feature that can be found on a Tesla vehicle. While it is one of the most commonly talked about features that can be equipped on the Tesla, it certainly isn’t one that’s included in the base price. With that extra $5,000 investment, the end consumer is getting a car that can drive itself quite literally. It seems like this feature is the link between what we thought we knew about cars of today and the future. In turn, we have just a couple of questions to really dig into and dissect the add-on.

By following along with the Engineering Explained video below, we can gather a little bit of insight as to learn exactly how an autopilot feature on Tesla vehicles. After being given the breakdown here, it might just be the information that consumers need to decide if spending the extra coin is going to be worth it to make their Tesla a self-driving car. While it might be neat to have, that $5,000 is something that could be used quite well elsewhere if the feature doesn’t stack up to expectations!