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Watch the 2020 GMC Sierra HD Pull 225,000 Pounds!

As the calendar has turned to 2019 and we begin to set our sights already, in January, on the 2020 line of vehicles, it becomes even clearer how much trucks are changing. Gone are the days where all trucks are basic and only designed to conquer the job at hand. If we rewind the clocks maybe 10 to 15 years, we would see a day and age where a truck would be measured against the stick of its merit in getting the job done. Being able to pull a heavy load and do so reliably would rank a pickup truck high in the class.

These days, however, trucks are really expected to do a lot more. Not only do they have to be reliable brutes that can handle whatever kind of work the owner wants to throw at them but also, they have to bring plenty of features to the table. Depending on the trim level, consumers might even come to expect features that rival that of a high-end luxury machine. Even in the lower trim levels of a truck, though, there can be some pretty crazy inclusions that might have not even been available in the top level of the truck even a couple of years ago.

In the video below, we get a pretty comprehensive review of what can be expected in the 2020 GMC pickup trucks. We even get to see the biggest and baddest of the group hooked up to 225,000 pounds of yacht and pull it along the ground. Obviously, there isn’t 225,000 pounds of resistance and it’s just a little bit of marketing put on by GMC to make this thing stand out from the pack a little bit but pulling this boat along is certainly a lot of fun to watch and gives us an idea of just what can be expected out of such a truck.

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