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Breaking: Revealing the Hidden Feature of Ken Block’s Hoonitruck

At this point in time, there is a good chance that you have gotten a chance to get acquainted with the Hoonitruck, the AWD maniac that is the latest and greatest vehicle that you’ll find Ken Block behind the wheel of in the latest Gymkhana. Now, Block is always behind the wheel of something intense that really makes you want to take a deeper look but this time, it seems like the crew behind this truck really knocked it out of the park, making something that’s not only intense but severely different from what you would normally expect out of a performance machine. Even though the truck is already so different on the surface level, there is really a lot more here than meets the eye and this time, you’re going to get the opportunity to dig into that and take the complete tour.

What most people tend to focus on when you see a truck like this is the finished product because, let’s be honest, in addition to absolutely flexing its muscles, this thing has a ton of eye candy to feast your eyes on. However, what might be even more interesting than the finished product itself is how the truck managed to go from a regular old pickup truck to a prototype all the way to the finished product. There are tons of stories behind what made this thing come together and that makes it all that much better, if you ask us.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to hear all about how this machine came to be and why decisions were made in the way that they were. We think that you’re going to be incredibly interested to find out all about this truck because there are definitely a lot of hidden little tricks within the build that really make this follow-up to the Hoonicorn one incredibly special Ford F-150.


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