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Guy Brought a Bugatti Veyron to a Jiffy Lube, This is What Happened

As automotive enthusiasts, we have a sort of aversion to quick lube shops sometimes. Don’t get us wrong. Some of them can do really good work at an affordable price. However, when it comes to our pride and joy, it might not be the best decision. For most of the automotive community, if they even allow anybody else to work on their car at all, it will be a hand-picked professional. Even when it comes to some of the high dollar performance shops, they can manage to butcher jobs sometimes. We don’t mean to call out people working at a place like Jiffy Lube but we can also see how they could fail to care about the outcome with what those places pay.

In these sorts of shops, perhaps some nicer vehicles end up rolling through the doors. After all, there are a lot of Corvettes, Nissan GT-Rs, and other similar vehicles that roll in. Some of these cars eclipse the six-figure mark but we can still see the owners taking them in for some sort of basic service. However, what we wouldn’t really expect to see sitting in a quick lube shop would be the likes of a Bugatti. When it comes to the Bugatti Veyron, they can easily eclipse the seven-figure mark. Spoiler alert: the part prices match. We would think that someone with all that money would just choose proper service.

When it comes to getting a tire patched, even on a Bugatti, the process shouldn’t be all that much different. If the job itself goes smoothly, it’s one that wouldn’t necessarily be any harder than any other tire patch. However, the fact that damaging one of these wheels is going to cost thousands of dollars means that lots of shops won’t take the job. Sure, it would be cool to work on such a high dollar automobile. Risking damaging a part that’s going to cost months worth of rent to replace might not be worth it.

How was such a situation handled when someone brought in their Veyron for this kind of work? We find out by listening in to Samcrac in the video below.