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Top Collector Cars Predicted to Tank in Value

There’re certain assets that can be bought, sold, or traded with a somewhat predictable value. With stocks and bonds, the value can be somewhat forecastable. It’s not an exact formula and obviously, there are fluctuations all the time. Certain predictors can allow traders to make an informed decision, though. In the automotive community, there are vehicles that can definitely be a good investment. After watching one episode of Barrett-Jackson and seeing what these cars bring, it can be hard not to think about purchasing a vehicle as an investment. However, as many fluent in this area will tell you, these sorts of investments are a lot harder to predict. Just because a car is rare doesn’t mean that it will have great value.

While there are certain cars that can give us a feeling of a good investment, it might not always be the right call. Once someone has been around the block a couple of times, they might have a little bit more insight into this matter than others. Only time will be able to tell but Doug DeMuro seems to have a couple of picks for vehicles that he predicts are going to lose value. These cars are nameplates that he can’t see gaining any sort of reasonable momentum.

Below, we dive into a whole group of collector cars that Doug thinks are going to lose value. This comes whether it’s because of production numbers or simple lack of features all that much different than other models. If you have one of these vehicles, don’t fret, though. This just means that you can drive it more and have more fun with it without worrying about eventual resale. On the other hand, though, maybe Doug is completely wrong and some of these car owners will be incredibly rich one day.