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Brutal Turbocharged LSX Mazda RX-7 Punishes the Dyno Rollers (2000+ HP!)

When it comes to building an engine, everybody is looking for big power numbers. The path to get there can be done in a million different ways. This time, we check out the tried and true as the owner of a Mazda RX-7 made a choice that might be bone-chilling for rotary diehards. That’s right, this Mazda owner elected to go with LS power. It’s accompanied by a nice sized turbo as well to make sure that power goals come to life. In this one, we don’t get to see all the hard work that has gone into the build. Instead, we get to gawk over the finished product as this thing really is something to feast the eyes on. There’s a lot going on and we definitely can’t help but fall in love with it all.

In this one, we chase the Mazda to the dyno to see how it will do when tire touches roller. Just slight spoiler alert: this thing flexes its muscles just a little bit, spooling up the turbo and pushing the boost through the motor to try and accomplish some massive horsepower to the rear tires. It’s quite intimidating as this small but mighty drag racing beast absolutely screams its head off. Once that turbo starts to spool up, a chill goes down the spine and it’s game on!

If you want to join in on this dyno session, the video below is the way to do it as it will put you right next to the rollers and let you experience exactly what this car has to offer as it shows how it gets down. Prepare yourself to be treated to a symphony for the ears and a show for the eyes as this one certainly does not disappoint to the tune of over 2000 hp.