Brutally Fast 1200hp Porsche Destroys a Pack of Sport Bikes

It can be tough to keep up with today’s motorcycles as they’ve become ...

It can be tough to keep up with today’s motorcycles as they’ve become quite the stout little machines. Performance has evolved so that even the most aggressive cars may have trouble keeping up with the light weight, high power rockets.

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When you break it all down, the power to weight ratio with these machines as compared to cars allows them to go just as fast while only making a fraction of the power which can mean that some of the bikes that you see out there on the streets and tracks can pack quite a punch! When you throw boost and nitrous into the equation, well, you never really know what could go down when the motorcycle rider in the next lane over cracks open the throttle.

In this video, we’re in for a little something special as a 1200 hp twin turbo Porsche defies the norms of street racing, or any racing for that matter. Most of the time, because of the aforementioned advantages of a bike, you’d expect to see them slaying big heavy sleds like the Porsche pictured here, however, it looks like this exotic car owner has a little bit of a trick up his sleeve to help and deal with an entire pack of motorcycles whose riders are ready to try their luck with the European powerhouse of a machine!

Check it out down in the That Racing Channel video below as the Porsche not only keeps up with, but destroys a pack of motorcycles who wanted to do a little playing around. You have to color me impressed by how easy this Porsche driver makes it look, blasting around out there with some lightweight bikes! What would it take to keep up with the Porsche? I guess that throwing some more boost or nitrous into the equation is the only way to find out!

Be careful what you wish for, bikers, because you might just get that and more!

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