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What Does A Budget Ferrari Rental Actually Look Like?

Navigating through the waters of capitalism can be a little bit tricky at times. Sometimes, we absolutely get what we pay for. In some realms, we find products and services that are absolutely worth the extra money. In these areas, shoveling over a little bit extra coin could end up paying off big time in the long run. What makes this tricky, though, is that it’s not always the case. There are also times where spending the extra money is a complete waste. In certain industries, a consumer can get just as good of experience by spending far less capital.

This time, we get an opportunity to see how that kind of concept applies to the world of exotic car rentals. In this video, we join in with Rob Ferretti as he tackles a budget Ferrari rental. Now, it’s important to remember that this video is coming from someone who owns an exotic car rental business. While this might be a pro in terms of Rob knowing what he’s talking about, it could also in the con column. Obviously, Rob is going to want to get as much business as he can for himself. However, in all of our experiences with his content, it seems as if he always tries his hardest to be honest and unbiased, even when he has some skin in the game.

By following along with the video below, we get the inside line on a Ferrari that looks like it’s seen better days. In this video, the $600 rental car is one that really shows some signs of wear. It isn’t a vehicle that we would be chomping at the bit to add to our personal collection, however, as a rental, it might be suitable.

The car cost Rob $600 dollars for a day. According to him, such a fee isn’t even really all that profitable. In turn, he told us a little bit of a story about his dealing with the rental car agency. We will leave it up you to decide if the juice is worth the squeeze in spending extra money in this sector.  Rob Ferretti – Gotham Dream Cars