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Why Are Dozens of Abandoned Boats Littering Tampa Bay Waterways?

When it comes to the Florida waterways, to say that they’re littered with derelict boats would be a bit of an understatement. You see, down that way, when rough weather strikes, it can do some damage to boats and with this, among other reasons, boat owners might decide that their rough boat just isn’t worth the struggle anymore. Therefore, instead of disposing of them in the proper way or selling it to get rid of their problem, they decide that it would be a better idea to just let the vessel go adrift. I mean, in many areas, there isn’t even any sort of regulation surrounding the matter, so many figure that it’s not even worth spending the money.

Up until now, many of these boats have just been simply left to float around in the waterways, sinking and destroying natural beauty, however, new law says that the owners will be fined and law enforcement says that the new rule is helping out big time! Even a fine of as low as $50 can influence boat owners to go and recover their vessel and if that doesn’t help then increasing fines for the longer they’re left there really help to give them a kick in the rear end.

Check out the video below that tells all about the problems facing the Florida waterways and how these new measures are going a long way toward slowing down the process of damaging the ecosystem. If you were in charge of this whole ordeal, what would you do to make sure that these negligent boat owners clean up after themselves because their actions have certainly been causing quite the stir among the locals.

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