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Builder Wanted Something Different, Started With A Smart Car And Got Wild

When we’re talking about building something custom, there are a lot of factors to consider. Sure, you can dive right into the mainstream and just build what’s popular but If you have somebody like the creative minds at Rocketbilly Racing, the folks behind this particular Smart Car, when you get to what really gets the gears turning and inspires them to create, they’ll tell you that a subject that’s something different and makes people question exactly what’s going on is what’s important to their process of building what they see to be the most inspirational piece of machinery that they could possibly craft with their own two hands.

Now, it’s kind of an obscure concept to think about but the Smart Car is actually the topic of discussion with a lot of wacky builds. While it certainly isn’t as common as something like a Ford Mustang, we have seen people take this platform and tweak it just because it is so different. So, even amongst these Smart builds that go against the grain, what would it take to really step up another notch and set yourself into your very own category? While that might be a discussion that’s up for debate, this particular example of a Smart Car that would strive to be different took form thanks to a jet engine that was begging to be shoehorned in.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll not only get exposed to what might be the most extreme version of a Smart Car to have ever existed that is also street legal and can do 220mph, by the way, but you’ll also be able to dig into the mindset behind that, seeing the thought process as to what exactly needs to happen in order to bring together a build of this stature. It’s certainly not every day that you come across a creation like this that will really open up the eyes of any lover of speed.

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