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Drivers Grab Money After Brinks Truck Spill, Leads To Multiple Crashes

It’s a scene quite literally right out of any of several Hollywood blockbusters: an armored money transport truck has it’s doors come open while driving down the road, sending a cloud of cash flying out the back of the truck and into the roadway. Only this time, it’s actually happening, in real life.

As this video opens, we see the truck sitting on the shoulder with its caution lights on, indicating that there is indeed a problem. Just behind the hulking transport truck a mad dash for the money is taking place, and just as you’d expect, the thought of scooping up free money has people losing all signs of common sense, and it costs some of them dearly.

While I can’t even sit here and pretend I wouldn’t try to stop and scoop up some of the wayward tenders myself, I do like to think I would have the common sense to at least park my truck on the shoulder, if not move it completely off the roadway and into the grass. Knowing there will be other motorists who don’t think quite that far ahead, I hope that would at least prevent somebody smashing into my parked ride.

As for myself, I would try my best to keep an eye on the other lunatics on the road that are still driving, since it is, after all, a busy highway. I would love to be able to say that the rest of those drivers had the sense to think ahead as well, but as you can see, these folks just stopped where they were and leaped from their cars to start grabbing the money.

The video doesn’t mention anyone being hurt in the mad dash, so hopefully, the incidents were all of the fender bender variety and nothing major. I’m not really sure what the armored truck company would do in this situation since they would most likely be fully responsible for the lost money. Maybe they have insurance and will have to deal with that headache to get the situation taken care of.