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Guy Built an Entire Motorcycle Out of Tractor Parts!

Guy Built an Entire Motorcycle Out of Tractor Parts!

When it comes to being creative, there are definitely different levels to it. One person’s version of “creative” might be picking out a custom color for a motorcycle and bolting on a couple of aftermarket parts. To another person, that might just be scratching the surface. This time, we check out an individual who definitely falls into the latter. This guy took the term “custom” and really went above and beyond with it.

Now, if we were to start going on about a motorcycle that was created from scratch, we think that most folks would probably get a similar idea. They would probably picture a shop with some nice tools and raw materials to allow the builders to construct the bike of their dreams. This time, though, a little bit of a twist is thrown into the equation. Instead of having these shiny raw materials, this guy appears to have started with an old tractor or two. However, the end result was the same. He took all of these parts and mended them together to create a pretty interesting end product.

We have to admit that even though we don’t see this thing in action, we are thoroughly impressed. From the short video that we get here, it does look like pretty much every component of this motorcycle was constructed from repurposed tractor parts. From the wheels to the tank and even handlebars, it all looks custom. Shades of weathered red indicate that these parts had lived a previous life.

After seeing this one, the only thing that comes to mind is wanting to see more. Unfortunately, this is where the video ends. Perhaps the Internet will find a way to bring this thing back up and give us more details eventually. After all, the World Wide Web has a tendency of doing things like that.