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Getting Schooled on the Bulletproof 2000HP Supra Billet 2JZ Engine Build

It’s pretty crazy how things unfold. One moment, an engine is being released. The next, it’s climbing to become one of the most iconic of all time. Obviously, the 2JZ by Toyota has found its way firmly into that position. It’s kind of hard to have a conversation about some of the greatest engines to ever exist without at least mentioning it. Anyone who thinks otherwise is probably too biased for their own good.

However, just like any other engine, the 2J certainly has its limits as well. It seems as if, over the past couple of years, the folks at Real St. have really begun to not only find those limits but also push past them. This is one thing that everybody wants to do in the automotive performance community. Many are on the journey to find out just how far some of these stock components can really take us.

As this video points out, though, there is certainly a point where that becomes dangerous. After all, drivers most certainly don’t want things coming apart as they hurl their way down the drag strip. Sometimes, they can nearly touch the 200 mph mark or even go beyond it with these setups.

This is when those factory components begin to get replaced. More and more aftermarket toys really make things more interesting. This time, we take a look at a little bit of billet aluminum that has been put in place to bulletproof the 2JZ architecture.

It’s really interesting to learn as we watch the That Racing Channel video and get the complete dissection. Tune in as Jay from Real St. schools us on all of the differences between the applications. It’s really amazing how changing out materials and design just a little bit can really end up paying off big-time in the long run. You can bet your bottom dollar that with an engine like this, the vehicle it’s going in is certainly going to rip. – Real Street