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Buying An Exotic Car Collection At A Quarter Of The Price (The Secret)

As it turns out, not all exotic cars are created equal. For anybody who has ever peeked into just about any car market, they can attest to the fact that any used vehicle is not created equal to the next. Even though they might look pretty similar, prices will vary. There are a variety of factors with just about any vehicle purchase that can bring the value up or down. As it just so turns out, for YouTuber, Tavarish, he prefers vehicles that have taken a substantial hit to their value. As he articulates, he likes cars that have a pretty good story behind them.

Tavarish seems to prefer a little bit of a challenge. This can mean that a vehicle has been into some sort of accident or has maybe even caught on fire. In a wildly popular YouTube series, he buys some of the most marked down vehicles out there. This might sound like a no brainer but the catch is that quite a few will have major red flags. In fact, many of these vehicles are even the cheapest example of said platform in the entire world. As fate would have it, this definitely makes for some pretty interesting stories and rebuild processes that might be a little bit stressful at times. However, when all is said and done, Tavarish has quite the supercar collection to show off. It’s all come at a fraction of the cost, in some examples of his cars.

By following along with the vid video below, we get to hear all about how that collection came together. At times, we would venture to think that restoring a fire damaged or flood car could be a little bit trying to the patients. However, with a mindset like he has, it really seems like the juice is really worth the squeeze. It’ll be interesting to watch as the tale goes on and the projects keep seeming to get bigger and better with each and every video. What will he come up with next? Only time will be able to tell.