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The C8 Corvette Has Been Spotted at the Famed Nürburgring

Since the beginning of the Corvette, everybody has been on their toes hoping for a mid-engine. GM has been living on the claim to fame of being able to take down the European giants. It appears as if they decided that it’s time to join them, though. The next generation of Corvette has been mostly under wraps for a long period of time. Chevrolet has had tight lips in exactly what’s going on with the car. We do know, as a matter of fact, that the car will be a mid-engine setup, though. Only time will tell what this thing looks like or how much power it’s going to make.

Apparently, Chevy is looking into making this thing a real competitor as it has made its way to the Nürburgring. A test mule was recently spotted rounding the corners and making sure that everything was just right. With such a big jump to a completely new configuration, I’m sure that they want to make sure everything is absolutely perfect. The last thing that Chevrolet is going to want is a black eye to kick off a new era.

Therefore, the testing commences and we get to see the fruits of their efforts! Down in the video below, we get to experience for all the senses as the Corvette makes its way around the track at full throttle. Once a car goes into the ring, we have no idea where it’s going to be when it comes out. For all we know, this thing could be the best performing machine that the car maket has ever seen.

With each and every new detail that comes out, we can’t wait to see how the platform pans out. Hopefully, the next generation of Corvette will be the gnarly screaming monster of our dreams!