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How To Hydrodip With Spray Paint.

How to Hydrodip with Spray Paint

If you’ve ever seen the process of hydro dipping, odds are that you quickly were fascinated by it as creators dip their canvas into a tub that’s filled with water and a coat of paint on the top that gets absorbed into whatever the person behind it all sees fit. It’s an interesting project but one look at it would probably make you think that you’d need to pay someone good money to get it done. However, the opposite is true as it turns out to be something that you’re able to do at home with very little money. We’re talking right around $10!

In this one, we check out a little demonstration from the “Ultimate NJ Outdoorsmen” as they take on the project of hydro dipping a deer skull and it requires nothing more than a plastic tub, some water, a couple of cans of spray paint, and most important of all, patience! This is definitely a cool project that you could try to take on at home in order to bring a little bit of life to something that might have otherwise been worn out or bland. If you’re willing to take on these simple steps like Ultimate NJ Outdoorsmen, you could even apply some of these techniques to your own vehicle!

Follow along with the steps below that will easily lay out how exactly one would go about hydro dipping their very own things in a matter of just minutes. After seeing the steps for yourself, be sure to tell us if this is something that you could see yourself doing and what you have in your collection that you’d think about using this technique on in order to put a spin in your style. Making a professional looking product might not be so hard after all, as long as you’re willing to take your time!