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BREAKING: C8 Corvette Z06 to Ditch the Pushrod Motor Entirely

As always, the automotive community is never quite satisfied. That’s okay, though. It’s kind of human nature to wonder what the next big thing is going to be. Even after a massive release that we saw in the C8 Chevrolet Corvette, we’re left wonder about a couple of details.

As history has dictated, Corvette enthusiasts can probably expect higher performance variants to come out in years following a generational release. With previous generations, we have obviously seen the likes of the Z06 and ZR1. These higher trim levels comes better performance. In past generations, that performance would be based around a bigger displacement engine or maybe a different supercharger setup. In the C8, though, it appears as if an entirely different configuration will find its way to the car.

For those who were expecting anything short of a pushrod motor and the base model, they would be sorely disappointed. Under the hood would reside the tried and true pushrod V8.

However, it does appear as if General Motors has something completely different planned for the Z06 and beyond. Motortrend has broken the news that their source within General Motors has essentially leaked the fact that the upcoming car will be a dual overhead cam application. In addition, the machine will come equipped with a pair of turbos and a flat-plane crank.

We have yet to find out very many details beyond this. Honestly, though, this is more than enough to chew on for a little bit. In the day and age of everything being incredibly fast straight out of the box, there is a constant need to innovate. It looks like General Motors will be doing just that as they take on new frontiers with their next iteration of Corvette.

With how much value has been delivered with the C8 announcement, we’re sure that the Z06 will follow suit.

As far as noteworthy quotes from MT’s source, their advice was to “Listen to the race car.”